Drawing In A New Way

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  1. Sam

    I’m excited!

    What initially caused you to decide to start posting? I think it’s a great idea of course!–I’m just curious what flipped the switch for that particular light bulb.

    What a horrible metaphor, I am done with words for good. I don’t deserve them

  2. Helen

    You don’t! I don’t know exactly what the turning point was, but the way I experience the work of other artists like Erika Moen (or in print, Julie Doucet) who tell these gripping autobiographical stories was what made me think other people might respond to my diary comics. So basically I am a copycat.

    • Sam

      But a glorious copycat! as mighty Rome to the noble Grecians.

      Seriously though, you and Moen each have endlessly fascinating lives, internal and external both. Your work doesn’t lose out where it’s similar to hers, rather for me you’re mutual foils. Complements not substitutes!

      • Helen

        Aw shucks.

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