This is a weekly webcomic, updating on Wednesdays, consisting of pages from an illustrated diary I started keeping in 2008. By the end of the year, sequential dialogue had begun creeping into the pictures, and by 2011 the illustrations had evolved into full-blown full-color autobiographical comics, some of which go on for multiple pages.  So the comics will increase in complexity and (hopefully) in quality as time goes on.

The first three pages of the comic are an introduction that does a better job of explaining why I thought putting my diary on the internet was a good idea. I therefore recommend that new readers begin at the beginning!

And so, these are the as-close-to-truth-as-possible stories of my life. I never originally intended to show them to anyone, but in the end I’ve decided to overcome my terror of self-revelation, though it’s not easy. These are the stories I am most interested in telling right now, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.