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  1. peter

    This is the place from which we start. (“Men shall know commonwealth again.”)

    • Helen

      I had to google that! Because it’s that later-Cohen. I suppose I have to learn to love it, cheesy jazz drums and all. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

      (Ah but then as I was typing this I was listening to it and he suddenly elongated the syllables of the refrain and all my suspension of disbelief evaporated. Oh Leonard, why?)

  2. Rebeka

    This page is truly beautiful, in both image and text. Nerdy question, but what kind of watercolors/brush/any other supplies do you use on thee pages? I am constantly awed by the level of detail and control you seem to achieve in this medium.

    • Helen

      Thank you! I use Micron .005 pens and Derwent “Aquatone” watercolors with various cheap brushes. The brush I use most often doesn’t even have a brand, it just says “CHINA” on the side.

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