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  1. Cait

    ahhhh I love this whole conversation. It’s so valuable too as another person in a super good long-term relationship to see serious arguments modeled. Based on my study I am conducting right now, having Miley Cyrus ejaculate in your ears while you read Strawberry Ghost is a potent anti-depressant because science.

    • Helen

      Because SCIENCE!! 😀 Thank you, you are my ideal audience. Ah it’s so easy to ask yourself over and over when you spend forty hours drawing a comic “why would anyone possibly be interested in this?”, so thank you for explaining: “because relationships!” Everyone wants to see inside other people’s relationships, with a kind of hypnotized fascination, as if staring at the mysterious internal organs of some strange alien fish, right? Or is it just me?

  2. Marc

    Yes, this whole piece (particularly this set of panels and the conclusion) are so great. As a fan of science but hater of junk science, I always wonder about the unspoken variables in studies like this. Studies like this drive me crazy, because there is always something funky going on, but before that’s acknowledged, it’s cross-posted hundreds of times with some sensationalized headline all over the Internet.

    And as another person in an LTR, it’s nice to see others being able to argue or have a disagreement where both folks’ intelligence and agency can be validated. While I definitely get anxious around conflict with my partner, I also try to see the fact that don’t always agree or see things the same as a positive sign that we are being our own genuine selves in that moment, and that carrying that out all the time while also being able to work with someone else feels like a healthy place to be.

    • Helen

      Thanks for this comment! Totally! Yes! And the consequences are so far-reaching and damaging, precisely because popular media seizes on any sexy “scientific finding” with such alacrity, based purely on its sexiness. Plenty of perfectly reasonable people don’t question the validity of anything scientific that they read, because they assume that both researchers and reporters are following some basic standards of integrity which, actually, they have little reason to follow.

      Also I have kind of a secret belief/hope that maybe one thing of value I might accomplish by doing this comic is portray something, from time to time, about a relationship that’s totally not perfect but is at least consciously in defiance of the sexism and the toxicity between men and women that haunts humanity and fiction from time immemorial. I feel like there aren’t too many portrayals in literature (graphic or otherwise) of relationships that I would consider or would expect people of my culture/community to consider “good”. There should be more!

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