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  1. Aaron J.

    I hope that you still remember what it was like to live without pain.

    Please keep speaking, writing, sending out messages in bottles. We hear, we read, we love. We worry.

    • Helen

      Thanks, Aaron. But don’t worry! This one is from back in August… things aren’t necessarily all better now but they’re pretty different. I guess one of the reasons I wanted there to be a long time between drawing these and posting them was so that they wouldn’t function as messages in bottles, except sort of from the past. So that, you know, by the time you find it it’s too late to rescue anyone from the island. I’m still sort of awkwardly navigating the way to do this comic and to post it, and I’m not 100% sure what I want it to be like or why. But in any case thank you, it means a lot to me to read this and all your comments.

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