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  1. Rebeka

    The pages from this story are some of my favorite from the entirety of your secret diary project. Would love to see this as a release.

  2. Nina

    Me too!

  3. Helen

    Thank you so much, Rebeka, Nina! I am very much planning on it existing as a book and I have high hopes for the book coming together and being coherent in a way that slooooowly posting one page a week – or, y’know, less – hasn’t been. It’s been so incredibly slow just to finish putting this thing that has been so clear in my head and my heart actually on paper and making it exist. Maybe I shouldn’t say that in the past tense, since I still haven’t finished it…

    Your engagement with my comic and your comments are so appreciated, and it makes me feel terrible that I utterly failed to have the next page finished by today. I could try to justify it by saying that this here is technically a two-page spread, so it counts for two weeks, but that’s an awfully cheap trick. 🙂

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