New Orleans San Francisco

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  1. Rebeka

    love the colors in your depiction of New Orleans

  2. Kathy Borders
    Kathy Borders

    Sierra was my best friend all thru middle school and high school. She fell off the face of the earth in 2009. I have no clue where she is, and I’m very sad. I also have some original art work from her I would love to share with you. Thank you for showing her work.

    • Helen

      Kathy – wow! That makes me so sad, but also grateful I had that brief meeting with her. We spoke for less than half an hour but I felt such an admiration for and affinity with her and her art was so inspiring to me. I hope that she’s well and happy, wherever she is. I will email you a photo of the piece I bought from her as soon as I get a chance, if you’d like.

  3. Jennifer Couffer
    Jennifer Couffer

    Please let me know if you find Sierra, if we are talking about the same person we were great friends in 2000 and then I lost track of her. She was always a rolling stone

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