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  1. Nina

    This one’s a triumph. Not just the first panel–which is gorgeous–either. The whole idea of a comic that stand on its own as its own four panel story but is so much more moving in the tide of the others. I love the alteration between full-sized drawings and little narratives in boxes.

    Is it hard to wait to post them when you finish them and they are so good?

    • Helen

      Thank you so much!

      It’s actually quite easy to wait to post them, especially because I have no real way of accurately gauging whether they are going to be of any interest to anyone or not. I think I am much like Leonard Cohen or Donovan in that I can’t tell at any given moment whether I suck or I am a genius, and will probably end up putting a lot of terrible art into the world as a result. But I will never know it.

      (Did that read as not-entirely-serious-but-secretly-kinda-serious? That’s the tone I was going for.)

      In all actual seriousness, thank you. 🙂

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