Conscience Part Four

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  1. Rebeka

    Yay, awesome page! I wish I could talk to my conscience with this tone more often 😀

    • Helen

      Thanks! I just wish mine would listen, ever…

  2. Professor Argyle
    Professor Argyle

    Say it girl! Also, welcome back. 😀

    • Helen

      Thanks, it’s good to be back! And to be reassured that everyone didn’t wander away in my absence.

  3. Aaron J.

    You ARE kind of like a sassy adult girl!Calvin.

    Love the preaching. As a person who is nigh incapable of writing anything that isn’t fiction, I have a great appreciation for those who tell stories of life as it happens.

    • Helen

      Thanks! Though I think it may be well nigh impossible to be any sassier than Calvin himself. I can’t attest to John Calvin’s sass level but it was probably pretty high.

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